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Monday, October 19, 2020

A helmet for Anthony

Anthony checks out and

approves his new helmet.

Woohoo, this is what I got as a trade-in, a daggy old Scott Aspen helmet.

The tyres

A while ago I started thinking about giving my homeless friend Anthony one of my mirror helmets, as we had been discussing mine, and he quite liked it. A tipping point came a few weeks ago when my son and daughter in-law brought over a lot of their old bike junk - mainly 29" tyres  - but also a helmet. Their first child is due in a few weeks and the bike room is becoming a babies room!

Anyway, the helmet - aha, perfect for Anthony!   I searched through my piles of 3d printed stuff and found some orange mirror sides and had fun putting the visor and mirror onto the helmet. And Anthony is happy. The visor stls and design can be found here


Steve Nurse




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