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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Planes, Trains etc.

Packed & ready to go

Caught up with Lisa and Sarah ............

Airport Bus.

Jetstar terminal before checking in baggage.

Crap photo taken at airport using flash, but....

turn it off,and hey presto this happens.  The long aisles to the departure gates are festooned with ecstatic pics of people on holidays all round the world, and I think I caught one of them in reflection. 

Carrying all my stuff is rather an effort, (my bike bag lacks the 2018-essential wheels) so I used this trolley to transport my stuff to the Airport Novatel where I stayed the first night.

With Bickerton travelling from.....

Airport to town, and finally to

the youth hostel.

Seats on the foreshore.

Ducks? on the foreshore.


Most of the time, the vintage, creaky, venerable, wonky Bickerton bike I own sits on the top of the wardrobe at home crying use me, use me, I still work y'know, and mostly I ignore it, choosing to ride my recumbents instead. But occasionally it gets pulled down, dusted off and ridden on, mostly when I want a very portable bike. 

Three years ago, I visited a transport conference in Sydney, having got there by train, a year ago I used it for transport back from fringe furniture, and this time I am in Darwin, having got here by walking, train, bus, plane, trolley and lastly but not leastly mighty Bickerton. Anyway the pictures tell most of the story.  I bumped into phd students and conference presenters Lisa and Sarah on the airport bus - they were flying out an hour before me.

Best Wishes

Steve Nurse from Darwin YHA and ATRF conference.  

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