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Friday, September 22, 2017

NLT8 at Fringe Furniture

Outside the Clifton Hill Brewery

A promo bike and competition for 4 pines beer .  Note attempt at beer carrying.

My trike's beer carrying section with complimentary dark ale.
Setting Up at Fringe

Some Pressed-Steel stools.

At setup.  I was able to fit my ancient Bickerton (folded) into the back of my trike and ride it home after dropping off the trike.  Easy Peasy.

A screen
The tielike article I wore to opening night (just a bit of material really) was from the same cloth used to make the trikes sidepanel.
Opening night speeches

Trike on opening night.

Hi, Last week I entered my trike in Fringe Furniture 31 which runs till October 1.  This trike has not been my regular ride, so I spent a few days cleaning it and finishing it off before the exhibition.  I decided to show off the modular panelling by having one side timber and one side cloth.

One of my test rides was to the local pub-brewery and I was able to use the trikes beer carrying capacity to good effect, and make a comparison to the 4 Pines Brewery competition prize.  Fully enclosed but slightly squishy accommodation for 1 slab v. not very good accommodation for 1/2 slab. After a chat with the Drive-in-Bottleshop attendant, he gave me a free Dark Ale can, woohoo!

Dropping off the trike at the exhibition was not too hard, the Abbotsford Convent where the exhibition is held is 5 minutes down the bike path, and I was able to hurl a folded up Bickerton. (very much protruding) into the back of the trike and ride the Bickerton home.

I went to the exhibition opening night and made myself a tie  to match the fabric of the trike which hardly anybody noticed. I saw a few people I knew at the exhibition, some neighbours, and a few colleagues from uni.  Free beer at the opening too!

Since then I've made a few visits to the convent and added a prop for the boot lid so people can look in, also left the tie-like object draped over the handlebars with "please try me on" scawled on the skinny end.  The trike is for sale at the exhibition for $3000. There are about 9 days to go and see it, the exhibition ends October 31.


Steve Nurse

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