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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Ride to Work Day 2018

Ok, it was me.

Lots going on!

Gayle and a helper spruiking on the bikepath, successfully getting riders across to the celebration from the bike path in the middle of busy St. Georges Road.

Popular Ice Cream stall run by Mamoth

Bike tuning by volunteers

Hi, Yesterday was local cycling advocates The Bike Network's Ride to Work Day.  Its been going quite a while, and a few years ago I helped run a stall at RMIT promoting ozhpv as part of a ride to work day.  So this year I volunteered to set up Wecycle and the city of Darebin's ride to work day afternoon celebrations, arriving at about midday to help set up for the event running from 4 - 7 pm.

It all ran well, and I put up posters, moved bikes, made a prize wheel from a bike wheel and a trueing stand, swept, held the fort for a while and generally helped the other volunteers set up, and it was very enjoyable and well attended. Thanks to Gayle Kirsten and the other volunteers for making it a great afternoon.


Steve Nurse

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  1. hey steve can you post these pics on the facebook group also :) thanks mick we forgot about the prize wheel opps