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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Timber Chainguard Part 2

An old tailbox used for research was put to the hammer....

to make the new timber chainguard.....

Velcro had been used to hold the sidepanels on, not really strong enough!
Bottom Panel marked out for new chainguard

Old version used as partial template
My wife Christine painting the new version .....

and it put into place on the bike.....

For drilling mounting holes.

Cutting in 2 with a hacksaw. The electric jigsaw was too harsh and caused parts of the timber to split.
Bracket 1

Bracket 2.

Done, the front part spins, the back part doesn't so the chainguard becomes a changing artwork.
Hi, don't think I need to add many words here.  After a trial run last time, I have now completed an "artwork" timber chainguard for my Victoria separating bike.  I didn't have any loose 4mm ply so harvested timber from an old tailbox which solved 2 problems, the space the tailbox took up and the need for timber! 

Christine painted it, and I spent a fair bit of today attaching it.  I'm not sure it was worth doing but its different!  The front part of the chainguard spins, chainging the picture made by the chainguard as a whole.  And bits don't bump into other bits, a frequent problem with chainguards.  Regards

Steve Nurse

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