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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

3d Print Construction Set

2 cubes that can be made with the Tribo parts.

This page gives some examples and techniques for a 3d printed modular construction set I have developed.  The files to print the set are available for $US 3.00 each from this page on, and can be used multiple times.  This is the minimum price for cgtrader parts. As an introduction to the kit, you can look at this video, which shows you how to make the cubes shown above using printed parts and 2.5mm bamboo skewers available from supermarkets.

This sampler pic shows how the parts in the set can be connected together, with wooden skewers or with m3 or m4 bolts.  Parts themselves are labelled A, B, C, D, click on the links to download the respective files.

 Here are a few examples of assemblies made with sets of parts A, B, C, D.  In a few photos, I'm including a little bill of material that shows how many of each part are needed.
Dodecahedron, each wooden skewer is 250 mm long.
First crewed rocket to Mars!
Photo Frame Part 1, Assembled frame and adding corflute or cardboard to one side.
Photo Frame Part 2, Add a photo, then add some decorative bling, in this case a few buttons from my wife Christine's Collection.

"Retro TV"
"At the Drive-in"
5 sided prism.
Complex Column Structure. This uses assemblies of seven small triangles arranged in a crinkled up circle as a subassembly and was built after discussions with Monash University maths lecturer Daniel Mathews.

 So that is all I'm going to do for you today!  Here is the video link, please download the files for A, B, C and D, then please print and show me what you've made.   Regards  Steve Nurse,
steve (the @ symbol)

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