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Thursday, July 27, 2017

A wooden trike to Monash

Trike as it was when I pulled it out from the side of the house

Glen Iris Bikepath sign

Now cleaned up trike leaning against a solar powered light.  Thingie

Newly opened Blakes Feast Cafe

Parked at Monash outside the main Caf.  Note orange and black gloves in "glovebox".

Ben starting off.

During my recent Industrial design master's degree at Monash Uni I made 6 leaning trikes.  A few of these were development machines and were taken apart and the parts used to complete newer frames.  But I still came out of the degree with 4 trikes, and I can't use them all.  So I decided to give one away to the Monash HPV team, and after an email to their leader Piyath, he said ok, they wanted it.  The email exchange was last Friday, and I spent some of yesterday morning cleaning it and pumping up the tyres, and other bits of the morning riding it on errands to the chemist, bank, pathology lab and post office.  And it all worked ok!

This morning I headed off to Monash Clayton, just a lazy 24k away, and the trike worked just fine.  This ride used to be part of my commute, but I hadn't been along one part of the bike trail for a while, and was pleasantly surprised with some bike track upgrades.  Instead of being forced to ride along Brixton Rise in Glen Iris, there is now a nice bit of bike path with the Blakes Coffee Window at the end of it.  I stopped for a hot chocolate and to chat to some seemingly interested bike riders about the trike.

Anyway, the ride to Monash was uneventful, and although slightly wobbly at the start, Monash HPV's rider Ben didn't have too much trouble getting going.  Here is a short video.  Hope the trike goes well for you!


Steve Nurse

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