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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What Does 40 Feel Like?

Current Trike

Part from the Shed.  59 tooth is a big chainring.

Forks from the shed.  I picked out a few good ones from this lot and the rest went to recycling.

Frame for new trike.

Wireless speedo, I got 3 of these for about $10.00 each from ebay.
Speedo fitted


During Easter, I volunteered at an OzHpv record breaking weekend.  I helped out (a bit) on the Sunday of the event, which was held at the Ford Lara proving ground.  But on the Saturday of the event, Glenn Lacey broke the over 50's hour record for an unfaired trike as recorded here, on the World Recumbent Racing Association website.

So the record now stands at about 37 kilometres, and then I got to thinking, well, that doesn't sound that fast, and then I thought, well, I didn't really know, because I don't even have a speedo on my trike.

So several months pass, and I'm thinking a bit more, and then decide that maybe I should put a speedo on my trike.  So I dig and fossick in the shed, and found a speedo with a wire between the sensor and fitted it to the trike.  But the display ended up a long way away from my face and I could hardly read it.  So then I bought 3 wireless speedos from the internet.  They were not expensive and at least one of them works fine, and I can even read it!

And I found out 37kph is quite fast, and I would need to reach 40 with breaking the record.  Most of the time I go around at about 20, and it would take more power than I'm capable of, and more high gears than I have on the trike to go that fast.  Anyway I have not given up completely on trying to get somewhat near the hour record speed, I have started building up another trike from parts in the shed or languishing on trikes I'm not using regularly.  I now have enough to make the trike, and will gradually work on making it faster, an will report on the result.


Steve Nurse

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