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Sunday, August 6, 2017


Cutting transparent side panels.....

in the loungeroom.
Fitted to the trike.

Back at Monash Uni, with the source of flashing lights.

The same scene with the lights on, slightly more recognisable as a human powered vehicle.

Hi, for a few years I shared an office with Yun Nam.  Both of us are close to completing our respective degrees now.  For a while I have been fascinated by his motion sensitive LED lights (see this post) and I got to wondering about putting a light show in the back of my leaning trike.  But I had slightly more serious things to think about, and the idea was put on hold.

Recently I saw Yun again, and asked him for some of his lights, and he said sure, take some, and I did.  I bought some transparent floor mat from Bunnings, then stripped back some of the cloth side panels from the trike to get to the timber frames underneath.  These were used as templates for cutting the floor mat. Then the clear sides were attached to the frames,  and the resulting pieces were attached to the trike.

A few days later I went riding on the trike after sticking the motion sensitive lights inside.  I'm not sure that the clear panels could ever be useful useful, but they are useful for showing off the trike, demonstrating that it can carry loads and show off outrageously at night.  I'll mke a film clip when time allows.


Steve Nurse

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