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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fixing A Flevo Part 1

Aki and some of his bikes including the red flevo.  The small bike at his feet is very old and has "Dunlop Atlantic" tyres.


A few days ago, I went over to my friend Aki's place.  I'd been there a couple of months ago and tried (and failed) to ride his flevobike, and he can't ride it either.  We are both stubborn, and I agreed to pick up the Flevobike at a later date, with a view to modding it so we can ride it.  My plan is to use a set of vuong wheels on the back.  Meanwhile, I am a bit clueless on the dynamics of Flevo's, would it be easier to ride them with a shallow fork angle (seat down) or steep fork angle (seat up)?  I will put this to a forum I have just joined and see if there is any collected wisdom on this.  Regards

Steve Nurse



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