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Monday, November 28, 2016

New Trike Part 6: Back to the drawing board

Some new plywood parts on order.  The slots in the parts will carry a Tee-Nut mounted on 2 layers of 4mm ply. 

This is the right sort of plywood for the trikes, hoop pine which can be steam bent.  It is stamped as complying to Australian standards.
Not the right stuff!  This ply is has hardwood veneers and broke rather than bent


I have been forced to order new parts for this trike build. As discussed here, the trike is on the road.  Unfortunately it is on the road with a borrowed seat!   The ply I'd used for the trike didn't bend much, and split or damaged the internal frame when I tried to put it together.

So I have gone back to the drawing board (ok, computer desk) and fixed up some of the issues I discovered when putting the trike together.   Some of the new parts are shown in the  top sketch.  I will be replacing the nuts brazed into tubes with T-nuts mounted on small timber pads. This will mean less work, and fewer tools and parts will be required for assembly.

Will post more as parts arrive.


Steve Nurse

Not the right stuff!  This ply doesn't bend at all well, but it seems ok for the flat bits of the trike.

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