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Saturday, December 10, 2016

A clunker

Richard and Sarah and Clunker

Hi tech, oooh!  Sarah and Mum & internet. Thingy.

Mum, Dad, Richard and Sarah

A week or so ago my brother Richard and his partner Sarah were visiting from England, and I caught up with them at my Mum and Dad's place. 

When I catch up with Richard it is often by phone, and we have long rambling conversations about bikes, often what old bike we are buying on ebay or what we have found on dumpsters and are fixing up.  So a bit before visiting Mum and Dad's place, Richard rings me up:

Richard:  there is a bike on a hard rubbish collection, do you want to grab it from the pile when you come over?

Stephen: What sort of a bike is it?

Richard: Well its a bit of a clunker.

Stephen: Ok, well, go and grab it now.  There is only the quick and the dead

Richard: Yes, yes, you are right, I will go and get it.  He who hesitates is lost.

Stephen: Ok, good.  There is only the people who end up with crappy bikes they don't need and the dead!  See you soon.

Richard: Ok, see you soon!

So I took the car over to mum and dad's instead of riding a bike and had afternoon tea with the family and picked up the bike.  Yes, its a clunker and it even has solid tyres which are heavy but don't need pumping up. 

This bike doesn't really need or want to be done up very much, it wants to be ridden on beaches and off piers!  Will report later when its properly on the road.

Sofar the full extent of the the repair has been to buy a $5 pair of pedals which fit the horrible, heavy Ashtabula cranks. Will report later on the repair process. 


Steve Nurse

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