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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Not the Audax Vic Christmas Breakup

At Monash Uni, Photo Janice Wasylenko, Bike Decoration Gene Bawden

Helen Lew Ton

Rowing Santas on the Yarra

Me and Helen

Things can get a bit fuzzy this time of year.  There are all sorts of invitations swooshing around, some of them by email and you can forget who invited you where and when.  Such was the case last Saturday.  I had had an email invite to the Audax Vic breakup party which should have been easy peasy to get to and participate in, e x c e p t,   I went on the wrong day.  Anyway, I was in good company, as Helen Lew Ton, who I am now promoting to Audax Legend was there as well.  We both arrived at about the correct time, but a day early.  Nobody's perfect.  We had quite a long chat.  Helen is in her mid sixties and still completes a monthly 200k Audax ride.  These are often permanents like Round the Bay in a Day.

Helen said' "Yes, I got the invite, but no, I didn't bother replying to it, I just showed up" and I did exactly the same thing but added, "had we bothered to reply properly, we might have bothered to note which day its on".

So there you go.  I was quite hungry by the time I'd ridden home.


Steve Nurse


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