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Sunday, December 25, 2016

A clunker part 3: A clunker for christmas.


With the clunker finished, I could easily have plonked in the garage with the 6 or so other bikes, however, my son hadn't seen it and I don't think he reads my blog often, so I decided to wrap it and give it to him and his wife phoebe for Christmas.  This involved logistics and planning.  How do you wrap a bike?  There is only one local paper which still comes in broadsheet format, and that is "The Australian", so for a few days before Christmas I conscientiously bought this paper for wrapping purposes.

Anyway, the bike present went down quite well, it is now plonked in the garage with the 6 or so other bikes, but it had a role as a Christmas present before the plonking.  My brother Richard rang from England and I was able to "show" him the pics of the clunker in the previous post.

Happy Christmas!

Update 21 Feb 2018

By chance I clicked on an ad in the website and clicked through
to this page which reveals something about the bike's possible origin and original purpose. Some screen dumps from the website have been pasted in above.  The bike resembles a Sun Atlas Industrial Bike, which can be optioned with all sorts of stuff including the Solid No Flat Tyres present on the bike we have. It only comes in the colour "Industrial Yellow" .


Steve Nurse

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