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Monday, January 2, 2017

Stationery Cycle

New Year's Day: I had spent part of New Year's eve making the side panels, by fixing some cloth to some plywood cutouts with Nalclips from Officeworks and other assorted stationery items.

Port Melbourne stop, L to R are Gary, Robert, Graeme, Neil

Back home, I tried the bike out attached to this excercise machine.  Stationary Trike.


My first post for the year!  Today I finished attaching some panels to my trike and took it off for a test ride to St Kilda and back, where Robert Waryszak's Be-Spon ride was starting.  I pulled up next to Alan Ball on the way there, and we could see the ride participants ahead of us, we were slightly late and they had just left St. Kilda pier.

Anyway we caught up with them, and regrouped at Port Melbourne.  I spent the next leg of the trip chatting to Gary who is a retired librarian.  He had worked at Swinburne Uni and he knew one or two people I know there.  Spoke to Grahan Signiorini at the next stop, and found out he is doing Buckley's ride (Around the Bay in a Day) with me next week. Soon after that, I pootled home.


Steve Nurse

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