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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bendigo Part 2

Cycleport Bike Share and charging system.  It was launched in Bendigo last weekend.

A Rearviz rep checks out their opposition, my helmet mirror

Coros is a bluetooth enabled helmet that works with a smartphone so you take phonecalls and control your MP3 music files while riding.

This is the sort of e-bike that e-stralian can lease to you through your company.  Here is an article about them, I spoke to Thijs from E-stralian for a while.

Brompton Australia Stand.  You can hire a Brompton in Bendigo

My stand on Friday

Friendly mob from Bike Bendigo.
Starting to Set up on Saturday morning

Nooooooo!  Some hoons set on my bike and broke the steerer when it was parked in a yard at my accommodation, so I couldn't show it on the Saturday.

kkdu plum make a neat, folding bike trailer which converts into a 3 wheel cart .

 Hi, I got back from the cycling innovation show in Bendigo today, here are the photos and some links.  Unfortunately my trike steerer was broken when it was mishandled by some hoons at my accommodation, so I couldn't participate today.  Thanks to Chris Rowlands from Bendigo Council for coordinating the event.

Update, December 12, 2016

Now repaired thank goodness!

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