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Sunday, November 13, 2016

New Trike Part 4 - On the Road

Trike Without Seat and with temporary Handlebars

Front Plug

Finished trike with temporary seat

Side Panel assembly
Oversize holes in fork (circled red) are paths for brake and gear cables. 

New left lug for mudguard and front fairing

L to R, My Nephew Fraser, Brother Richard and Me.

Richard's partner Sarah.


The trike I'm working on is on the road now, and I spent about half an hour riding around on it this afternoon and took a short video.    Saturday morning was spent attaching the wheels and steerer and connecting the cables.  Then I left to visit my brother and his girlfriend, and my mum, dad and nephew.  I went for a few surfs with my nephew Fraser.  Sunday (today) I came back and finished it off - well almost!

The steerer isn't finished yet, and the seat isn't either.  The lasercut timber looks quite good and I think it will look even better when all the parts are finished on the trike.  For now I haven't bothered trying to keep the cable runs tidy. Will post more later.


Steve Nurse

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