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Sunday, November 6, 2016

New Trike Part 2

Joseph from Joseph's workshop with mk6, I was picking up the parts for mk7 from Joseph's Workshop.
And these are the bits

Part-Assembled at the front.

Setting up for cutting aluminium on 45 degree angle.
Part-Assembled at the back.
With some B-Spon riders.....

at Port Melbourne

Painting the bottom brackets

Clamping the front plywood assembly.

Setting up to braze the front bottom bracket.  The laser-cut parts underneath are for propping up the part to be brazed on and are 7mm wide.
Hi, here are some photos of the progress made making the new trike.  I picked up some laser-cut ply parts on Monday, and have been working on them on and off ever since, gluing parts, brazing and painting parts and sawing the aluminium for the frame.

There are a few mistakes in the file I sent to Joseph to have cut, the steerer holes were missing and I only got 2 of one part, where 4 were needed.  So I'm working around those things and have made the missing parts manually.  Will keep going, both with the building and the blog.


Steve Nurse

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