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Saturday, October 22, 2016

New trike Part 1

Ride to Work Day at Monash Caulfield

Brazing Jig for V-brake Bosses on 24" bike fork

After brazing bosses in place

Chainring with 42t biopace ring and guard plates each side.

The parts have been painted and are drying inside now. The fork dropouts are custom made from 4mm steel and have mounting points for mudguards, derailleur and a front fairing.
The back yard photo studio has improved a bit courtesy of some renovations next door to us

This shows some changes to one of my current trikes, I have simplified the handlebar arrangement by using a one-piece bullhorn handlebar.  Its not really wide enough (40cm) as my legs come up in between the handlebars while pedalling.  They should be about 44-48cm wide.

Met my friend George down the road, this has the old handlebar arrangement.

For a few weeks I have been gathering parts for a new trike and this post shows a few pictures of the parts plus a few photos taken around town.  Within a few days I will receive the frame and seat parts but putting them together will have to fit in around a full master's thesis redraft due in a week or so.

This time I am using a 24" fork for a 24" wheel (shock horror), and adapting the frok came quite easily as there is only one set of brake bosses to braze on and none to take off.  I plan to run brake cables up through the threaded part of the fork, and hopefully there will be room at the top of the tyre for this.


Steve Nurse

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