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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New Tailbox Part 2

While adding the internal braces for the seat....

I found I had to do this (modified tab shown at left, existing tab shown right) extra chamfering to get all the tabs to fit in.

Bending the base board.  It had been soaked using a towel before applying the iron to finish off the bending.  Cable ties were used once the bending was done, then the tabs were glued together.

At the dumpster on the way back from stationary supplier officeworks.  A sidepanel is hanging out the side of the tailbox, I'd bought it with me to check the size of the bulldog clips I was buying. 

Flattening the pivot part of the bulldog clips.  The clip (right) has been hit with a hammer while it was clamped on to a spanner as shown below.  This lets the clip fit into the tailbox assembly easier.

Hi, A few more photos of the tailbox assembly.  Finished for the most part now, I should have it on the bike trike tomorrow.


Steve Nurse

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