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Friday, October 7, 2016

New Tailbox Part 3

The bike with the new tailbox installed  on part of the Yarra bikepath.
The box has side-panels which are held on by bulldog clips. Some more construction details are shown in photo 5 of this post.
The fit of the seat to my back and bottom are not perfect, and I took this photo yesterday to assess how I can change the design to make it more comfortable and aerodynamic. The shoulder rest will  move back 30mm and the tailbox top will be raised 30mm.

In this photo (click to enlarge) you can see the piece of ply between the 2 seat supports, right above the back wheel.  This stops the supports from failure by buckling, something which happened with a previous box.


For 3 few days now, I have been riding a trike with a new tailbox and curved plywood seat fitted.  My quest for the perfect tailbox takes another step, but is not over!  The timber panels of this 'box can be replaced with corflute or cloth versions, but I haven't made any of these yet.


Steve nurse

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