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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Tailbox

Current Tailbox with sidepanels made by Christine Durbridge.  Occasionally I get problems like this one, the hook and loop holding the panel on comes loose. Besides that, the seat part broke, the backbone broke, it could have a bit more volume and the clamp arrangement could be improved.
Parts arrived for a new tailbox on Wednesday night.  Thanks Damian!  Here are the side frames.


These are the parts that clamp on to the frame, the structural backbone.

Side panel detail. There are a few loose parts shown here, they will be screwed and glued on.  One of the "loose parts" is a small jig for locating the other parts.

These towels had been wet before the photo was take. The plywood seat panel was soaked in water, then heated with the iron to make the ply flexible. Here is the website for the plywood with a link to instructions.

About as far as I've got sofar, parts shown in photos 2 and 6 assembled.  The seat ply now conforms to the frame shape.

Hi, pictures and captions tell the story this time.  I will blog more about this soon.

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