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Friday, November 18, 2016

ATRF 2016

Following on from a tradition started last year , I rode to the conference venue.

Autonomous Vehicle Go Home!  This driverless vehicle was on display, but it.......

didn't have any windows.  I would be reluctant to get in it and close the door.

Free!  Bling!  All these badges were free, gratis and for nothing from the Vicroads stand. I gathered up a few and my wife Christine passed them on to my nephew Fraser.

Title page from one of the presentations on active transport, I had a poster presentation.
Hi, This week I've been at a conference, the Australasian Transport Research Forum.  As far as academic junkets go (free overseas travel, all expenses paid in swishy hotels, that sort of thing) , its fairly pathetic being only 9 or 10k away in my home town of Melbourne.  But they feed you quite well and yesterday there were even free ice-creams.  Back to the conference today, another day at the salt mines.


Steve Nurse

26 November.  Unfortunately, I left the SD cart at home on the last day of the conference so couldn't take more photos.  That's all from the conference!

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