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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Birth of the Blog


A few weeks ago, I visited my friend Brad near Trida, and one of my friends, Tony asked about Brad's trike.  

In fact, the story about the trike goes back 4 years, and it's tied up with the start of this blog.  I've never written about it in the blog itself, so here we go.

About 4 years ago, Brad and I were working together designing electric motors, and we got chatting about things and had discussed my (then) website and Human Powered Vehicles and stuff.  At that time, I had just published my book, and was interested in upgrading my website.  Anyway, Brad and I negotiated, I gave him one of my books, some advice on building trikes, and bike bits and pieces from my shed.  In return, Brad did some work on my website, integrating a blog with the website, and setting up the pictures on the main web pages, much the way you see it today.  He'd done work on his Tai Chi academy website and this all looked pretty good.

Here are a few web links that are concerned:
Brad's trike in Huff
Brad's Blog Entry
Wikipedia Entry and Photo

And how's it all going?  Well, my blog has quite a few visitors, up to 925 a month from all around the world.  This all took a while to build up.  Although not opposed to earning money from advertising on the blog, I haven't got my head around how to activate it yet!  Will keep blogging for now, what more can I say except

Thanks Brad!

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