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Monday, December 29, 2014

Resolutions 2015


Last year (somewhere) I posted a list of what I wanted to achieve in 2014 and this has been a very worthwhile thing. 

If nothing else, I stayed on track with applying for tertiary study in 2014, and that has proved to be my "job parachute" for 2015, with a masters degree scholarship relating to Human Powered Vehicles set to be my main employment next year.  I did all the other stuff as well, although the Velocino is still a hotch-potch.

So here are the aspirations for 2015.
  • Hollow out a book about Lance Armstrong, put a plastic bag containing an innocuous white powder inside, and sell the resulting artwork on ebay.  Ideally the book should cost less than $2.00 from an op shop and be called "Lance Armstrong, Secrets of  My Success".  But my standards are not very high, I will settle for compromises!
  • Set up Audax Permanent Rides, Albury to Corryong and Aireys Inlet to Ballarat.  These routes traverse some great roads and lead to great locations. If the Permanents  existed, they would help lead riders to events which run in the towns, ie The Lake Wendouree Challenge, and last years OzHpv Challenge in Corryong.  
  • Do ok at my Uni Course
  • Start a crowd sourcing initiative.  It could be for anything!  But if I eventually manufacture and sell some some bikes, then crowd sourcing would be an option for the selling and manufacture, and I would like to get some crowd sourcing done for something small first as a way of limbering up.
Ok, that's it.  There is a mix of easy, and hard ones there, see how it goes this time next year.


Steve Nurse

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