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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A few friends and neighbours came around

A few friends and neighbours came around, Christine with Erica, Tony, Christine, George and Bev.

Ellen with Nolan

Off to deliver Ellen's bike, recently found on a junk heap.  Ellen lives about 2k away, and there is a folded Bickerton bike in the front, ready to take me home on the return journey.

Technical mod. to Ellen's bike was swapping the old black cluster for the silvery coloured one with more teeth on the biggest cog, giving a lower bottom gear.

Fixing Ellen's bike in the middle of the standar bike junk pandemonium.

More friends and neighbours came round, Christine with Betty, Ray, Anne, Geoff

Self timer Photo, me and the Bickerton
Hi, here are a few photos taken in the lead up to Christmas.  I've been slowly recovering from Dental Surgery, learning to use a barbecue (put the sausages on before the steak, you shouldn't prick the sausages) and we caught up with quite a few friends and neighbours.  And bike repairs come like breathing to me, I fixed up a found-on-a-junk-heap bike for out niece Ellen.

Happy and safe Christmas everyone!

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