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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Leaving Work

Part of my Going Away Present - a lump of wood cleverly disguised as "Precision Recumbent Framing Material".....

and the other part - a posterboard....

which all came home with me on my bike.  The "framing material" started out way too long (3m) for me to carry and was thoughtfully cut in half.

A few days ago, I had my last day at work after stints of 7 and 11 years working at an electric motor company.  I was made redundant and didn't choose to leave but it has ended up not too bad.  Since the beginning of the year I've been applying for a part time Master's degree in design at Monash University and on hearing I had been given the woolly chook, switched my application to full time study.  So, err, end of the year, I am finishing up work but have the small complication of having booked in for Wisdom teeth removal, oh joyous fun...  It turns out the surgery comes at the last week of my work, so I finished a bit early.

Kept myself quite busy in the weeks leading up to my last day, there were study applications, Christmas Parties, friends to catch up with, ordering a new computer and I rode to work on the last day.  Its always quite satisfying riding to work and it gives some meditative time to think things out.  The traffic can be as foul and snarlly as it likes but it always takes (ok, took) 1.5 to 2 hours each way.

There was a presentation from my colleagues, sad to go but I am looking forward to new things!  The photos show some of the going away presents.  I have also gathered a few parts that I've worked on in my career and will put them together as some form of sculpture later.  At one stage I received a 10 year service recognition certificate and pocket knife - the pocket knife is ok but the certificate is fairly boring and I will award myself something better.  A friend Byron was given a complete "Christmas Tree" assemblage of parts associated with his work at the company, and it sits proudly in his lounge room.  His kids whizz it around, sometimes at manic speed and he tells them to slow it down a bit!  I will post a picture of the sculpture I make when its done.

All for now, quoting Jack Gringlas quoting Douglas Adams, "So long and Thanks for all the Fish".

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