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Monday, January 12, 2015

Wheeled Electric Barbecue Controversy!

Electric Barbecue fitted with wooden support.  The support was fitted when I failed to find......

the axle for the wheels.  In fact, this was  there all the time, "hidden" in part of the packaging.

Some of the bike repairs I've done on holiday, replacing a cheap new tyre ($3.00 from k-mart!) with a manky old one that should at least not have gaping holes in it.

With Christine, fixing a series of bikes.

Although this blog is mainly devoted to sharing my general competence with wheeled machines with the general public, occasionly, my general incompetence is also noteworthy or at least comical!

Christine, my wife has pressured me to have a functioning barbecue at our place, in order to have people round for lunch and dinner, and cook outside without heating up the kitchen. 

I had no great objections to this, however, in doing this, I have moved our barbecuing this from gas to electric.  Now this in itself is a controversy which threatens to become as controversial as When Dylan Went Electric.   However, more controversy was to come, as a fundamental stupidity meant I couldn't find the axle for the wheels for the barbecue came with as it was hidden in a bit of packaging.  Never one to be discouraged, I installed a wooden foot to replace the wheels, our barbecue being a not-highly-necessary-that-it-roll-device.  Later I found the "missing" axle.  Pictures are attached.


Steve Nurse

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