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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bev and Barnie

Bev and Barnie on a recent visit.

Our friend Bev has been round a couple of times in recent days.  The first time was to introduce us to her new friend, Barnie.  Barnie is a dog.

Barnie was previously called Arnie but is now called Barnie, because Bev has another friend called Arnie, and calling the dog Arnie just got too confusing.  And Barnie doesn't mind, "Barnie or Arnie, what the heck, I get fed and walked and stuff " I imagine him thinking.

Barnie is 9 1/2, which is sort of middle aged for a dog, and her previous family couldn't keep her because he lived with Mum after all the kids had left home and Mum had moved to an apartment with slippery floors and other dog-not-very-friendly features.

Bev rescued Barnie from death at a dogs home, and he goes to a good life.  Bev lives next door to a family who has a dog, and she already looks after their dog sometimes and has a dog door between her place and theirs. So now things are even more dog heaven at her place.

Barnie's previous owners sent a postcard from his old life to Bev.  Here is the link.

Bon Voyage Bev and Barnie!

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