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Monday, January 5, 2015

Buckley's Ride 2015 - prequel

We came back from holidays to find several ...

Folding bikes donated......

to the Stephen Nurse bicycle Menagerie and wrecking yard.  Thanks Stu!

Back to Bikecentric.  On the very hot and windy day prior to Buckley's ride, I moved the bike indoors, did some work on the back wheel while watching crappy old VHS videos and DVD's.

We have been back from some holidays at the beach for a few days, and during that time I have done some bike fixing and completed the Audax Buckleys (Around the Bay in a Day) Ride.   In 2013, I did the same ride on a trike, and last year did it on my current wooden bike.  In fact, that ride was the first I did on that bike, so er, Happy Birthday to you, bicycle!

Saturday was very hot and windy (39-40C and 80 kph winds) with high fire danger and the best way to spend the day was inside and out of trouble.  I worked on my bike a bit, and Christine started a Jigsaw puzzle sent by Sarah and Richard as a Christmas present.  Thanks Guys!

The Buckleys ride is a good one to for me do, it is at the start of the year when there are few commitments, is very familiar and flat, and usually some people I know are along for the ride.  Bring it on!

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