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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Surfboard Trailer

An Echidna (middle foreground), seen on a surf-check trip on the Ilean trike.

Some of the previous lives of the wheels of my latest project were.....bought new as a Speedsail (gotta love the website!) an "unsafe at any speed" home-made skateboard principal trike as shown another surfboard trailer..... and lastly

...... as a Monsterbike inner trailer, which had been rather abandoned until recently.

Latest use for the wheels, another surfboard trailer.  I started making the trailer to carry the board.......

 fin-down, but abandoned that plan for....

..... a fin-up alternative.  The bits of wood on the timber lift the board up so the board does not rest on its legrope

There is a plate with a slot in it for the fin.  This plate bolts on over the fin and some bits of allthread rod.

So this is it in use, for the moment at least it is a walking trailer and just hangs on to the fin end.  The fin up design means the wax doesn't melt on the way to the surf, as well the rocker of the board bends in the right direction for an ergonomic hand hold.  Not that the surfboard trailer eqivalent of a "blocky" is walking around the house dragging the thing.

I have been lucky to have January off away as holidays at the beach and have spent some of the time making a trailer to make it easier to walk my surfboard to the local beaches.  I used an old set of wheels on a steel frame, and its come out ok, I even put it into use.  The trailer forms a board stand, so the board can stay on the trailer and lean against a wall when its in the garage, the trailer only needs to come off at the beach or when it goes on the car. 

Local beaches are about 1k away and you can walk to them, and the trailer makes it easier.  But I'm not sure about adding on to the trailer (and making a bike trailer) and going to the nearest beachbreaks  which are 3 - 9k away.  I can usually use a car and there is a choice of being exhausted when you get home from a surf or exhausted exhausted when you ride to the surf and back carrying a surfboard on a bike trailer!


Steve Nurse

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