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Friday, December 2, 2022

OzHPV Rally Day 3


Near Lake Albert: Michael, Lindsay, Randall, Jason, Adam

In an older part of Wagga, I wandered . In the background is a levee bank (useful in the recent flood event) topped by a cycle path.

A few more scenes.....

on the same....

stretch of road and.....

back at the caf.

Lindsay with fat etrike, our guide around Wagga.


A bike track close to the scout hall. Fun riding through the bush, and the shade is most welcome.

With Lindsay and William, waiting for the ride to start

Fixing Jason's trike


Here are the photos from this morning's ride. Wagga Wagga local Lindsay showed us around town including trails on the top of levee banks, and a caf in one of the older parts of town. Jason and Lindsay have electric trikes, and they consider them fairly essential for getting around. Nice ride.

Hanging out in the afternoon

A young recruit tries Adam's velomobile. His bike had no brakes and he had no helmet but he was good at wheelies!

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