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Thursday, December 1, 2022

OzHPV rally Day 1


I drove from Melbourne leaving at about 6:30 and only stopped for a decent amount of time once I hit Gerogery, a tiny town just south of Wagga. Had a nice chat to this lady who filled up my car for me at the general store.

Just around the corner was this place which had

antique lawn maintenance equipment in the yard.

Went on from Gerogery to Wagga where I picked up the keys to a scout hall ozhpv had hired. It was occupied by elderly dancing couples but they assured me they would be gone by 4pm. Soon after I met William and Duncan outside the hall and told them the situation. After that I went out to the bike track. This shows our photo and interview session with Tahlia and Meredith from the Wagga Advertiser. We should be in the paper tommorrow.

Randall and his Trisled nitro low racer. He had made a copper (!) steerer extension. Pete Heal looks on from his lounge chair.

Flying nitro on the velodrome. There is approx 2cm ground clearance.


Scout Hall

Scout Hall

Scout Hall


Here are my pictures from day 1 at the OzHPV challenge and rally. Quite a good day, met up with a few friends and hung out at the Scout Hall we had hired, and at the nearby cycle track where the challenge is to be held. Regards  Steve

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