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Friday, December 23, 2022

De Carlo bike and model



A few weeks ago, when buying a newspaper from Donald's milk bar around the corner, I spotted a bike which turned out to be an abandoned Australian-made De Carlo bike. I took it home and have worked on it extensively, replacing the steel stem, brakes and drop bars with aluminium parts including a cruiser handlebar. 

Steel 27" wheels were replaced by alu 700c's from an old step through bike. I installed a rack and pedals from a damaged mixte, and alu cranks have replaced steel cotter pin models, and a sealed bottom bracket has been installed. On top of the rack I've made a milk crate adapter. It is secured to the rack with 1 bolt, and then 2 slide on clips hold the milk crate to the adapter. All works good.

Then I decided I would make a small model of this bike. Some of my design models needed flexing, and I figured I could make some tiny De Carlo stickers to go on the tiny bike, which could already carry a milk crate. "Stickers" are printed paper and about 2mm high and 15mm long. I handled them with tweezers and stuck them on with superglue, getting the technique right after the first go. Quite like the look of the model bike with stickers. And the full size one!

The model bike is part of a set I designed which is on Thingiverse and is part of a board game. Lots of customisation possible, I am glad I had a go at this and had a good result.


Steve Nurse

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