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Thursday, December 8, 2022

OzHPV Challenge Videos by Dome Deli


 The last few posts showed still pics by me but Domes Deli who won the OzHPV Challenge speed event had a 360 degree camera running for what seemed  like most of the challenge. This is newer than some similar cams he used recently, and it seems the tech has come a long way. It now takes only 2 fisheye cameras to cover the whole "spherical view of the world from a point", and the cameras are built into the front and back of the one device. Software calculates and "knits" the images,  seemlessly in most cases in my opinion. The end result can be edited, not just chopping the video into segments and putting the segments back together, but also choosing "which 180 degree portion" of the video is seen. Dome does most of this editing on his phone, and I saw him at work on it at the Wagga "Rules" club. This page just features a few videos my bikes are in or had a part in. To see all the videos, go here , Domes has set up a facebook page permalink.

1. Anyway to start, 

90 minute road race: photographer Steve Nurse from 360 camera on Michael's bike.

And the photo I took at about the same time, Michael (Cruzbike) and Mark (Green Rotovelo)

So here is the whole roadrace video, heavily edited from its original 90 minute length.

2. Of all the races in the Challenge I think I did best in the twin drags, winning my opening 2 rounds, losing a semi final, and then winning the runoff for 3rd and fourth. I can run to start, jump on the bike and get going quite quickly. Beware though! Using just this start technique the next day, I corked a thigh, and still have cramplike pains in the back of my leg 5 days later.

Dad v. daughter v. Adam Hari velomobile.

HPV v. Etrike v bike

Tim v. Jason

Often a drag race win or loss is determined by ability to click in properly to the pedals, and Domes can be seen losing a race to me in this way in the video. (Some of it's taken from my bike.)

Race organiser Tim C. was very laissez-faire with entries into this race with Jess's Dad (Ross I think) a complete ring-in but allowed to race anyway, and Lindsay getting a demo run on his ridiculously fast Trisled electric fat trike. Tim put himself up against Jason Forbes' electric trike in the first round and managed to win through. 

3. Shopping race: This was a "practical vehicle event" and I was given the honour of choosing the shopping, (2 witches hat traffic cones, a rock, 2 cans drink, sunscreen, bag of cable ties, gaffer tape, other stuff) , setting up the course and then doing the demo run which was for real. 5 points deducted for each shopping item not taken, which is what the pallaver is about at the end of the video. I came 3rd or 4th in this event I think.

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