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Sunday, December 4, 2022

OzHPV Challenge Day 2


Tim Corbett interviewed for the Wagga advertiser

Michael / slow race

Tim Marquardt officiates, William Reid rides in the slow race

Slow race, Lindsay spectates, Michael rides

Lloyd Charters has been attending events like this since at least 2000 and is a father of triking in Albury.

Lindsay fanging it on the velodrome curves on his high powered Trisled motorised fat trike.

Here he is coming past the officials tent.

Domes Deli

Pete Heal


Jason having a ball

Jason and Mark

Tim Corbett

Adam Hari with Lindsay and a few of his mates

Criterium start

Dinner at the (Australian) Rules (Football) Club, Saturday night. They have a Jezza (Alex Jesaulenko) room and yes,

a big football mounted on a plinthy thing outside.

Mark and Lindsay, Trisled fat trike and rotovelo


Here are some photos of the last day of the OzHPV challenge in Wagga Wagga. Will add some captions later, regards 

Steve Nurse

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