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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Fixing bike 47 at Wecycle: Shogun


Scene at Wecycle

Shogun with Canti brakes: Fixed at Wecycle

This gentleman bought the blue Peugeot and wheeled it home while riding his brown Peugeot. He had a small dog in the back of his bike. The blue bike was first reported on here


Last week was the first fixing session at Wecycle, and I took a few good donations including the vintage Shogun shown in the middle pic. The back tyre was flat, and during the week, I was able to visit the shed and fix that, which set me up well for finishing it off yesterday.

I started the day by swinging past Ceres, and talked to my mate Serge, who gave me a wheel I was after, and ended up picking up another wheel from Wecycle as well.

On the Shogun, there were minor gear adjustments, and also splits in the brake cable outers. Initially the canti brake cable arrangement phased me, but I  worked out how to disassemble them so I could replace the outers. I managed all that, just in time for some other duties. Another fun day at the shed with Gian, Marco, Peter, Mike and Gayle from Wecycle.

Regards Steve Nurse

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