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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Fixing Bike 48, Uptown

Cog swap done

The reaction arm holder, outside and....


Almost done, the back handbrake was later stripped away.

The old wheel. This clutch seemed almost impossible to remove, and there was a broken spoke on the clutch side as well as rim warping, so the wheel was well and truly a write off. 

The bike had been round the side of the house for a while and an edible weed had grown up through the front wheel.




This 99 bikes Uptown has been round the house for a while, and it came from hard rubbish in Ramsden Street originally I think. Its a single speed, and I looked at it when I got it and found the back wheel to be warped, then put it round the side of the house.

Wanting to move it on, I looked at again last week and found an unfixable broken spoke, so went looking for a new wheel to replace the broken one. I found it at Wecycle, and it had a small cog on it meaning the gear would be high on the bike. I swapped the gear over, and made a reaction arm holder for the wheel from galvanised steel strip.

So its on the road now and I'll take it up to Wecycle to be donated on in a week or 2. It still could do with a bit of a clean up.

Regards Steve Nurse

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