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Monday, January 10, 2022

Some bike plans for 2022


2021, and the start of 2022 have been a bit of a mixed year for riding with some successes (lwb bike on the road, article about the bike reaching the Hupi website, 50k Audax ride, made inertia brakes. ) and some failures (did not finish several rides, lwb bike broke) amongst all the Melbourne Covid chaos. I tried to sell atrike at the end of the year, but that didn't happen.

On the bike book publishing side, things have gone well!

Anyway, I already have 3 leaning trikes and one leaning electric trike, which is one or two too many. Here are my plans for them.

Electric trike

In the last year I haven't used this as much as I should have but I'm happy to leave it as is and use it occasionally.

Everyday trike

 This is the trike I was going to sell, but there were no offers. I'll continue to use it as is but may reinstall inertia brakes. The load carrying tailbox is sturdy and robust which makes it a bit heavy compared to other bikes but fine for shopping. The trike is still as fast downhill and on the flats as most bikes on the road.

Fast bike / for conversion to trike


This bike was the one I built last year as a faster bike for Audax rides. Unfortunately it broke for predicable reasons during my first Audax ride for this year, about a week ago. 3 mods are planned:

* Repair the rear wheel frame and hook up dynamo lighting.

* Make a small front fairing. This morning I found some light clear plastic that should at least be ok for a mock-up.

* Make a leaning trike rear end. I should have enough parts rattling around the house to do this.

Whatever happens, I will be very careful to inspect the bike rear end often until I gain complete confidence. Don't want it to break again!

Current faired trike

This one is for the chop. At the moment its tyres are flat. I'll be taking it apart and using some bits for other projects.

Regards  Steve Nurse

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