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Thursday, August 26, 2021

New Bike Part 3



Today I did some more work on my new bike which I have documented here and here. I've done the front part of the frame, have set up the front wheel and forks, and found a seat / tailbox combo which will do for starters. Now its just making the rear wheel frame and suspension, and adding a chain derailleur and controls. The rear wheel frame bit is fairly unfamiliar to me and the thing I'm most likely to procrastinate on.

Anyway, all the drilling and construction sofar are along the lines of this plan I made for a leaning trike. And if it were a leaning trike it would almost be over now, with only a wheelset on a crank to be added.

Compared to my trike, this bike will have advantages of common 20" 406 wheel size front and rear, and a rear wheel generator. Will keep plugging away at it and report later.


Steve Nurse 

Update August 29: Above is my mockup for the rear wheel position, I figure I need 50mm between the back of the main frame and the rear wheel, and 50mm from the tailbox to the rear wheel. So was quite happy to cut the frame to suit. As well I have started cutting cromo steel for the rear wheel frame.

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