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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Fixing 50 bikes, bike 27, MTB


Simon with bolt cutters

Disc brake pad and pad mount screw

After: Handgrips, seat and bell were fitted. Tyres are still bald, and I have some (slightly) better ones to install.

As found, it was in a lane at the end of the street, brakes were shot.

Brake tuning. There was about 150mm of extra cable length which I removed.

This bike was at the end of our street, the brakes, seat and handgrips were shot when I found it, but it's quite a high end beast with 3 x 9 speed very low gears, mechanical disc brakes, and an adjustable fron suspension fork - which works!

After a basic fix up including overhauling the brake cables it was ready to try out and fetch a few extra parts from the shed. On the way past Simon's, I picked up a set of bolt cutters he wanted to be ferried to the shed.  Seat, handgrips and bell installed it has come up very well. Will return it to the shed shortly. This is the last bike I have for Wecycle fixing, and the plan is to finish it off then take it up to Wecycle and swap it over for another needs-resuscitation bike. Will report.

Regards Steve Nurse

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