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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Fixing 50 bikes, bike 24, Repco Mosaic


Repco Mosaic

This bike I'm fixing for Wecycle is a Repco Mosaic 26" stepthrough in MTB style. My friend Stu had gathered it up and left it at my place but not before relieving it of its tyres and tubes. The chain was also missing. Maybe because the bike was so dead, I started working on it before starting on 3 others awaiting my attention at home.

Anyway, I found some tyres in the neighbourhood, some tubes and a chain in the shed, I cleaned and lubed the bottom bracket, and after a while it was ready to go. It still needs new handgrips and a front reflector. To me its not the greatest bike but I'm sure it will bring someone joy.


Steve Nurse

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