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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Fixing 50 bikes, 25 and 26. pedal pacers


Replacement right hand crank, Pedal Pacer 1

Pedal pacer 1

Replacement rear wheel shaft.

Broken rear wheel shaft

Thread stuffed, left hand pedal

Pedal Pacer 1 cranks with square hole for pedal shaft. Most holes are diagonal.

New and old brake / gearchanger on Pedal Pacer 2. I couldn't take apart or service the old combined brake / gearchanger.

Pedal Pacer 2

At a friend's, temporary storage for 23, 24, 25, 26 and another bike Simon is repairing.


A few weeks ago my friend Stu dropped off a few bikes he had found on the street. They looked quite new and were almost identical, so my thoughts were they are from a dealer, were swapped out after warranty claims and were then left unrepaired. Both bikes are Pedal Pacers .

PP2: Just the left gearchanger was faulty. Unfortunately I couldn't open up the part to fix it, and separate replacement parts were used. Parts came from the junk  extensive range of exquisitely presented bicycle components from my shed. 

PP1: The thread on the left hand crank was destroyed, so I replaced the whole crankset and removed the front derailleur and changer, and replaced it with a brake only. But a test revealed the rear wheel axle was broken. I stole one from a hub lying around and was able to fix the wheel.

A final test and the chain was falling off in low gear. Putting the front derailleur back on fixed that, its not connected to a cable, but the bike still has 7 gears and a reasonable gear range.

Over 2 days, I took 4 bikes over to a friend's place, I rode 1 bike right handed, steered the other one left handed, and then walked home each time. He has more storage space than me and the bikes are tarped up out of the rain waiting for lockdowns to finish (got 6 weeks or so?)  or some Wecycle customers to come and collect.

Very relieved to have some space at the side of the house!

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