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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Scooter Steerer

Donor vehicle
How it ended up
Scooter fork mod started with..
Cutting some tube to 
be brazed on to close the fork
Weight of the old unit which has been documented here , its a bit lighter but more complex than....
The new one.
Star nut from previous mod, and new modded star nut.

Top caps, old and new.
1st step in top cap mod.  Here's one I stuffed up earlier by drilling in the wrong spot.
Assembled Headset
Modified Stem
The whole trike...
showing riding position in this photo.


My most up to date trike has been working quite well but the handlebars I'd made weren't that great, they were from a bit of a mashup of parts.  When I found a Razor scooter on hard rubbish about a month ago, I gradually started gathering parts and working on it to make a steerer relacement.  Most of the story is shown above.  Although the new steerer is slightly heavier than the old one, its very neat, hides the brake and gear cables nicely and does not compromise the actions of the  star nut or top cap too much.  I plan to use this design again shortly. My first ride was to a preview of a Mirka Mora auction, it went well.


Steve Nurse

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