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Sunday, February 24, 2019

World Record Attempt @ Darebin

Will holds court.

Timing Strips etc.
Pre race Confab.
Tim lets Kyle know the distance covered.

Peter Gordon......


Live-Stream facebook setup

As organised by Nick Chau


Done, Rob Leviston and Tim.


Facebook stream


 Last night Kyle Lierich raced a Tim Corbett - made trike to attempt several Human Powered Vehicle records, the Australian Human Powered Vehicle Hour record and the World Unfaired multitrack hour record.  Both records stood at around 45kph, and Kyle was aiming for 50 ks in a hour with this run.  Anyway, he came close to 50 and easily surpassed 45.  The stats of the event will be  subject to official scrutiny before any records can be declared.

I did a back of envelope (ok, excel) calc of how far Kyle actually went.  The black line represents a 250m lap and riding above it in a wide trike (say 600mm between front wheels) will mean the trike's back wheel or centreline will actually travel more than 250m per lap because the radius travelled on the curves is larger by half the track width.  The direct distance on the track can't be used for this calc as the track is banked, rather the distance multiplied by the cos of the banking angle should be used. Wikepedia lists the banking angle as 42 degrees but I think this is a maximum and  I have used 30 degrees in my calc.  The track has straights and this must be allowed for as well.  Anyway here is my calc, you did an extra lap, Kyle!

Well done all, regards  Steve Nurse

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