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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Hardshell Seat Mount

First construction from my 3d printed hardshell bikeseat mounting parts. Woohoo, exciting!
Ice trike with hardshell seat

Performer bike with hardshell seat

My leaning trike with aluminium rhs frame and load carrying timber combined tailbox and seat.
Timber mounting for tailbox alongside 3d printed parts.

The design includes a compression plate (orange on black parts, black in orange parts) which sits below the frame and stops the parts bending.  The orange parts are my trial home 3d printed parts and the black parts are the real deal, carbon fibre reinforced onyx plastic from Emona.
Roughly the whole assembly.

Top frame mount.

Another view.

Today I have been working on a lightweight hardshell seat mount for my leaning recumbent trike.  I have perfectly good timber seats for the trike but these can be a bit heavy and unaerodynamic for long distance hilly rides. As well I have a hardshell seat in the shed I had only used briefly, so I will be making use of this.

Several months ago I attended a Solidworks, and Matt from Emona was one of the exhibitors.  His companies printer seemed capable of making some parts I'd been thinking about so I worked on some parts and eventually ordered and received them.

Photos above show the initial results, I had a diversion along the way and made a robot sculpture.  There is still a bit of work to do but I will post updates. Next post here


Steve Nurse

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