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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Helmet Makeover


Sketch for helmet mirror made after I lost my old helmet coming back from Darwin by plane.

Side Plates sketch for new helmet.
Corflute sketch for new helmet.


For about 7 years I have been riding using rear-view-mirror helmets of my own design and have found them to be quite good.  Having a mirror on the helmet I use means I always have mirrors on the bikes I ride, and don't have to equip them with mirrors of their own.  Recently I added blinky lights front and back to my helmet as well, meaning I always have visibility lights as well.

But the helmet is a bit rough, and 2 things have prompted improvement.  Firstly, when traveling back from Darwin on an overnight flight, I managed to lose my helmet at the airport, so set about making a slightly modified replacement when I got back. And secondly, during the recent Cobram ride, I had 130 unaccompanied km in which to contemplate the design, and by the end of it, I was able to sketch out something which might both work and make the helmet mirror look neater.  Oh, and having a 3d printer helps!

Anyway, photos show the progress on the makeover sofar.  I have made 2 versions of the orange sideplates, and a third, final version is coming up soon.

The helmet I have is now updated, and I've bought a new helmet to make the final version with.  A few sketches are included, and I've interspersed photos of old and new helmets above. 

Improvements with latest version are fewer cable ties, and most corflute edging is hidden away, either inside the orange plastic or as a folded edge.  

When I do the final version it won't need fibreglass rods at the side, and I will use thinner, longer cable ties. I'll work on the light mount at the front and make that look neater as well.


Steve Nurse

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