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Saturday, March 16, 2019

New trike project

Fibreglass seat and 3d printed parts from Emona

Disused Trike

New Mambo stunt scooter to turn into a steerer as per my previous entry.

The weigh-in: new steerer is.....

about half a kg heavier than the previous model but I am not too concerned by this.

For a while, I have been working on a new bike project and in the last few days it has started to come together.  Last Monday was a public holiday and I cruised in to the city and bought a Mambo scooter from Big-W.  A few weeks ago, I'd altered a scooter to use on my bike and it worked quite well, so have some confidence in being able to work with a new part.  Weight of the parts is a bit of an issue but the scooter parts are upgradeable with options in decreasing order of weight going from steel to aluminium to (woohoo) titanium.

Anyway, I am hopeful of reasonably quick progress on this, will keep you posted. 


Steve Nurse

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