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Sunday, March 24, 2019

More bike progress

Seatpost base from 3d printed parts

Seatpost base
After a blockie

During a blockie

Ceres bike shed in full swing

Disused bikes and scrap tyre pile at Ceres
Stopped for a chat with ....

this couple from Kooweerup who had ridden down on their Rewaco trike for the day.


After a bit of time working on the trike, it was on the road yesterday complete with brakes and gears hooked up.  Yesterday I went round the block a few times and it went ok, but its pretty laid back and it was slightly hard to see over the handlebars.  As well, I'm thinking of the weight distribution, and the laid back position probably makes the load on the front wheel a bit light for hillclimbing.

So today I organized the backyard studio, and took a few photos of the new bike and my daily driver for comparison.  From the pictures, my daily driver places my head about 75mm higher than the new trike.  The new trike is slightly lighter at 17kgs, compared to about 20 for the daily driver.

I plan to do a rework of the seatpost, propping the seat up a bit higher and making sure it stays in compression.  Will keep you posted.

A few pics from later in the day are included.  I dropped some worn-out bike tyres at Ceres for recycling and chatted to a couple on a BIG trike just near a bike path in Reservoir.  Later I went to the Reservoir tip shop and did some food shopping on the way home.


Steve Nurse

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