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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Fixing 50 bikes, bike 15, Repco Superlite


Tyre wrangling, I tried several 25c and 32c tyres but they either looked very weak or rubbed on the frame. This 28C tyre proved to be the perfect fit and looks quite durable too.

Scrabbling through parts boxes like this led to finding....

a full set of gearchanger parts from another repco superlite.

Needed to clean out my shed a bit to .....

Mount the seatpost in a vice with the frame attached and waggle and pull it till the post came out.

As found condition: grass growing out of the saddle.

Brakes on the tops, I used tee nuts as sleeves (shown below) to make fittings for the cable entry,

...... which turned out very well.

End result.

Hi, this has been Victoria lockdown bike project #1 for me. My friend Stu who lives 2 doors down gave me the frame which came from hard rubbish.

The list of fixes is quite long, 

Replace bottom bracket with sealed unit. This came from Bike 8 .

Remove toe straps and pedals, refit pedals. Pedals were quite stuck. 

Loosen seatpost. This took a bit of work, I lubed it from above and from below by putting oil down the seat tube through the water bottle bosses. The frame was upside down for this! Only then did I start using the shed in the vice, I needed to clean the shed a bit to get the space for the frame waggling.

Set up brakes on the tops.

Add new wheels, I had one at home and one came from Wecycle. Tyres and tubes were from Wecycle except for one tube.

Replace gear levers with ones scavenged from a hard rubbish wreck.

So it took a while, but hopefully the Repco Superlite will find a good home.

Delivering the Repco to Wecycle, I put up this QR code so people can check in for Covid tracing. Unfortunately its a foreign language to me, I don't have a smartphone.

Delivery by recumbent, I steer, brake and change gears on the recumbent with the right hand and steer the upright with the left.

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